Short note to a dear group of friends

As some of you may know, I usually like to express thanks not just for someone or something, but I prefer to direct my thanks to those for whom I am grateful.  This year I have a very special small group to call out.

Since I separated from my wife I have been so very fortunate to have fallen in with a wonderful set of friends, based mostly out of Greensboro here in NC, a town close to my home and work. These people have given me companionship when I would otherwise have been alone, moral support when I needed uplifting, laughter when I felt like crying, and offered quiet company when I was troubled. They have helped me to develop my conscience and sense of self, not to mention my sense of self-worth; they have challenged me intellectually and emotionally. They are wise, kindhearted, sweet-natured, diverse, and unfailingly fun to be around. They come from all walks of life and have amazing, inspiring, and sometimes heartbreaking stories behind them - I am lucky that they share their lives with me! What most of us have in common is in some cases not shared with everybody in our lives, but it bonds us together, or at least brought us together.

I want to therefore express a most heartfelt thanks to each and every one of The Greensboro Girls, and in particular I'd like to single out a few to whom I've grown especially close: Jill, Holly, Tamera, Jillian, Tonie, Bee, and Becca. All of you have given me strength and happiness I thought I'd never find again, and I truly love you all very, very much! You have made me realize that life can be fun, fulfilling, interesting, and crazy all at once. I can't imagine life now without any of you in it, and in fact I don't want to imagine such a thing!